Doing business in Libya: General business outlook

TRIPOLI – Part of the Libyan business picture involves—among others—abound investments, with the state-owned Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAP) having an estimated $5 billion in assets, thought the fair value amount is still being estimated. In an interview with Marcopolis, LAP’s managing director, Ahmed A. Kashadah, outlined some of the changes post-regime and the investment strategy going forward.

Ahmed A Kashadah, LAP – Libya Africa Investment Portfolio

“We are totally independent now. Previously LAP was involved in many politically motivated investments. We have reviewed everything in our portfolio, including the investments not only in Africa but also in Europe. We needed to make sure that all the investments were feasible and that they would generate returns either in the short term or the long term,” Kashadah said. “We have been doing a lot of work evaluating all of these businesses and the business models that we have. We were able to identify the businesses that were based on political objectives and we decided to exit from these businesses if they were proven not to be feasible. However we did decide to continue with those investments started from political motives but found to be feasible, generating benefits and adding value for both nations, both Libya and the nation invested in.“

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