LAIP seeks out opportunities that guarantee growth as well as long-term partnerships using various investment strategies. We focus on industries that have proven competitive and comprise of successful models with strong foundations that other business and clusters can be built around.

To ensure we make the right investments in the right places, we proactively analyze industry investment strategies with the guidance of the world class, leading experts in their fields. This approach has made us a leader in the region and helped LAIP make informed and thoroughly researched decisions based on expert analysis.

Prior to making an investment, we take a number of fundamentals into consideration, namely:

  • The nature of the asset class
  • The risk level attached to the investment, including the acceptable risk level of the country and its currency
  • Results of targeted sector and entity analyses (performance of company management).

We also look at global trends and economic cycles to identify opportunities via numerous factors, such as:

  • Sector
  • Timeliness
  • Risk level
  • Added value
  • Asset class

LAIP also considers its current portfolio when making these decisions by identifying asset classes and sectors that balance the portfolio and look at possible synergies to boost growth across the portfolio. LAIP also outlines potential exit strategies as part of its commitment to due diligence. We ensure maximum returns for investors through unifying management and shareholder objectives, promoting expert management and implementing business performance improvement and growth programs.