Urgent Press Release

We write to inform you that the headquarters of Libya Africa Investment Portfolio’s (“LAIP”), located at Jumhoriya Street in Tripoli, Libya (the “HQ”), has suffered armed attack and unlawful occupation as a result of the deteriorating security situation in Tripoli.

It is believed that those persons occupying LAIP’s HQ illegally may attempt to gain access and control over LAIP’s national and international bank accounts, assets and subsidiaries, by presenting and representing themselves as LAIP’s “new management” having legal authority to bind LAIP before third parties. It is also believed that those persons may attempt to do so by illegally utilizing corporate letterheads, seals, stamps, files and records physically kept at LAIP’s HQ and illegally filing notices of purported authority with third parties in Libya and abroad. These actions are illegal, and assisting and/or facilitating such activities is also illegal. As such, LAIP has filled formal complaints to the appropriate governmental and judicial authorities in Libya.

In the face of these events, LAIP has also executed its business continuity and business protection plans. As part of these plans, LAIP is notifying various business critical third parties of the threat posed by the illegal occupation of its headquarters in Tripoli. We would be grateful if you could treat with the utmost caution any approach made to your organization by any persons purporting to represent LAIP, and to report the same to me. Until further notice the only persons with authority to give any instructions to your organization are Mr.Ali ELHEBRI in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr.Ahmed Kashadah in his capacity as General Manager and those authorized signatories you may have registered on your files.

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